New Skinny Fabolous ‘Bajan Accent”- BUMPER IN TROUBLE [2010 Barbados Crop Over]

Produced By Xtreme Platter Studios Produced By: Etienne Big Red Fraser, ADAM KING BUBBA ELIAS & FRANK FOREIGNER FRANK COPPIN OF XTREME PLATTER. XTREME PLATTER RECORDING STUDIO SLAM 101.1 FM Video Created By Julian: http Join My Music Mailing List Here:

Author: julian18249

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This entry was posted on Monday, May 9th, 2011 at 8:50 am and is filed under . You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can skip to the end and leave a response. Pinging is currently not allowed.

96 Responses to “New Skinny Fabolous ‘Bajan Accent”- BUMPER IN TROUBLE [2010 Barbados Crop Over]”

  1. ShadyvilleEntertains Says:

    MR HD SAY SO..

  2. krazylevin Says:

    bad tune dis! lol

  3. 2009goodaz Says:

    my bumpa in trouble i know skinny yo madd ah the goodaz seh so

  4. RealDanca617 Says:

    madd ting Bajan/vincy !!!!!!!!

  5. farrah434 Says:

    dis tune gwine mash up jouvert and carnival…….juk whine up baby……juk juk whine up gyel woiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii it madddddddddd

  6. Xtremedia01 Says:

    yeah…tru dat… dis one selllllllllll welllllllllllllllllll

  7. nellalison Says:

    i love dis song and is d first time i hearin it :D ….i dont even think trini’s here this yet and i am from trini! lol

  8. cjakastar Says:

    which part yu goin? …dis crazy boss

  9. Lemaj420 Says:

    @ShadyvilleEntertains i here that, but it took this song for you to repect the man, he did droping chune after chune for years and they all been fyah!!! its all good tho better now than never, the scary thing is i dont think we’ve seen the best of skinny!!! Keep ya ears open Enjoy!!!

  10. 4lifeprettygirl Says:

    WOYYYY boy vincy pple dem including myself is d best!!!

  11. summerbabi Says:

    @Sweetest14u lol

  12. asiba2 Says:

    whats this all about

  13. krazylevin Says:

    De man Baaaad!

  14. YouRouMeiKid Says:

    Dis tune and Duracell sell off for Crop Over

  15. chickenlikingood Says:

    @YouRouMeiKid u mean for vincy mas

  16. lexus004 Says:

    which part you is…lmao…Skinny have skills 4 real

  17. myzzstyle Says:

    vincey bad hott tune

  18. Sweetest14u Says:

    Nah I refuse to believe it’s Skinny lol

  19. thickiesweets Says:

    i had nooooooooooooooooooooooooo idea this was skinny….good job babe

  20. TheVincyqueen Says:

    vincy to the worlddddd

  21. imperfectAngel100 Says:

    i love this

  22. natsannho Says:

    lol I love it I find the Bajan accent soooo interesting! I am half Trini so very used to Trini accent but the Bajan is similar yet VERY different at the same time!

  23. vincygal05 Says:

    i love dis soca skinny fabolous to de world. i’m proud to b ah vincy

  24. Lemaj420 Says:

    @chickenlikingood no for crop over, skinny killing crop over yo, i know he killed vincy mas but he contributed to crop over with alot of songs and got mad airplay and did (is doing) mad shows!!! Big up Skinny Da Maga Man 135 lbs!!! lol

  25. GazaMiSeh33 Says:

    someone sent this to me…! really nice!

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