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Mr. T Treat your mother right

FUNNY movie of mr. t singing a song about moms. i dont remember where i found it but it is truely awesome. Author: MrDavySource:

The Delco Kids – A Day In The Life

The Delco Kids – A Day In The Life twitter: @MizzyEmC @JermieFalcone #TheDelcoKids Author: thedelcokidsSource:

‘Hermitage Shanks’ by Mr.B The Gentleman Rhymer (Official Music Video – HD)

Taken from the CD long player ‘I Say!’ available from and the forthcoming download only album ‘OG Original Gentleman’ for merchandise / bookings / further info Video by Rob Bradley for Bradley Drawn Pictures. bdp. Mr.B and Rob would like to give grateful salutations to Laura Nixon/Marilyn Sarah Hodgetts/Ruby Demure/Jessica Harvey Glen Sam [...]

Oreo Cookie Rap from Cannabis Cantata by Joel Ram Ford

This is an excerpt from scene 4 of my Bebopera, or whatever you want to call it, the “Cannabis Cantata.” – aka my UCSC music composition thesis project. In this scene, I make a cameo appearance as a cookie. This one of the sillier parts of the opera. Stoner Dad guy: John Seales White Rasta [...]

How to Hula Hoop Rap Song

Guys can hula hoop too! A rap music video on how to hula hoop by Hoopsmiles aka Jon Coyne, featuring hoop dance by Spinyang, who you can also check out at his channel at, Download this song on iTunes at Author: hoopsmilesSource:

white girls rap

WHITE GIRLS!!! LMAO follow me on twitter @RynxB Author: sKrader1Source:

Hollywood Undead – Undead (Lyrics)

Hollywood Undead, From the album “Swan Songs” – Released May 19th 2009. Members – Deuce,J-Dog,Charlie Scene, Funny Man, Jonny 3 Tears and Da Kurlzz. Genre – Rock/Rap/Rapcore/Techno. Track Number – 1 Author: MrRhysBoiSource:


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