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I’m A Blind Man (with HOOK) Chill Sad Hip-hop Rap Beat Instrumental

After 1 month of not putting out no Beats, i bring you some old skool style beat. Hope you like it! subscribe,rate and comment! Thanks Author: VivaldiBeatsSource:

Sucka Free CJ – Give You More Remix (Produced by Olu)

DOWNLOAD LINK: DOWNLOAD THE TAPE: Instrumental produced by Olu. If you don’t know who Olu is, you must be mentally ill. And if you are mentally ill, you need to listen to Olu. Haha. No offense to any special people reading this. Original song here: If you like what you hear, feel [...]


NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED..FOR ENTERTAINMENT PUROSES ONLY!! -I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THIS- Updated Top 10 as of Pink Friday Drop: 10. Here I Am 9. Encore 07 8. NIGGAS 7. Catch Me 6. Save Me 5. Go Hard 4. Dear Old Nicki 3. Moment 4 Life 2. Autobiography 1. Fly NO ROMAN ZOLANSKI, SORRY [...]

The MyInternetBusiness Possibility – Discover Bill Gates' Solution Internet Small business Model?

“I’m however owning lots of fun,” he claimed.   I hope you enjoyed my report.   I know you know bill gates. He’s that prosperous dude who dropped out of Harvard, started Microsoft and bam in a couple of many years became a billionaire. Yeah proper, you’ve heard all that jazz just before. But is [...]

Young Money [We Are Young Money] – Steady Mobbin (ft. Gucci Mane) /HQ\ + {Free MP3 DL}

FREE DOWNLOAD LINKs TO THE FULL ALBUM (Young Money – We Are Young Money) & SONG ARE IN EVERY ONE OF MY MUSIC VIDZ ,Either dl the song or the whole album!! I just find the download links across the internet and bring em to you !!! Im new to vid uploading soon im gonna [...]

Criticism of Rap music and rap videos.?

Rap started in the late seventies, but it wasn’t that well known until Music videos started showing on MTV in 1984. Rap videos stood out as videos that were much different than the rock and roll videos that received much air play at the time. Back then rap videos were simple. Videos did not cost [...]


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