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chicano rap 2010 new 2011 chicano rap love songs lil rob conejo rap music kid frost Author: manuel10517Source:

Good september 2010 songs? Like these songs (hiphop RnB, Rap, what else?)?

Kind of like these feelings to it. (Can’t be friends – trey songs ) (bottoms up – trey songs) (forever – drake) (that tree – snoop dogg, kid cudi) Any ideas? I’ve been looking for ever and i can’t find any good songs, i need some before school starts:), please help (don’t want opinions, i [...]

Anyone know of some GOOD music?

ok- so i recently had a b-day and i got some iTunes money i’ve bought some songs and now i’m stuck i do not like country music i like rap, hip-hop, pop (well not really) mostly rap- especially latino/hispanic rap but not the gross stuff, but like r&b know of any good songs i should [...]


NEW TOUR FALL 2010 tickets here: new CD! lyrics by me. music by garageband. all the seats at the sunday masses, filled with the mass’s massive asses, classes pass as fast as molasses. ceremonial reading glasses. read a little bit of leviticus. all the kids are a little too little for this. all [...]

Most Popular Eminem Songs

Eminem was rapping when he was 14, but it was not till 1999 that he was released by a big label, and released his first album that sold more than 1000 copies. The album was The Slim Shady LP and it won the best rap album of the year award at that years Grammy’s. After [...]

Top 25 Hip Hop Songs of August 2010 (With Downloads) – HotNewHipHopMusic

Check out our website at: 2010 HotNewHipHopMusic1. These are the top 25 hip hop songs of August 2010 25. Bobby Brackins ft. Ray J – 143. Download: 24. New Boyz ft. Iyaz – Break My Bank. Download: 23. Chris Brown ft. (Tyga & Kevin McCall) – Deuces. Download: 22. Drake – [...]


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