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8-Bit Ho (Mario and Link Rap about Peach and Zelda / by Patrick Donahue)

She’s played with one too many joysticks… Free mp3! Please subscribe if you download. Also understand, you do NOT have permission to use the mp3 in other videos or remixes. Like, subscribe, and fave! Patrick Donahue LYRICS: I’m gonna need an extra life If I’m ever gonna win these games you play [...]

Awkward Rap

A hip-hop tribute to life’s most uncomfortable moments, featuring CH’s Dan, Sam & Amir. See more at You can download the song here: Free CHTV video podcast on iTunes: CH Facebook Fan Page: Watch this on CHTV and view credits at Author: collegehumorSource:

why is every rap video…..?

why is almost every rap video so predictable. every video has the setting of a club or either in the hood whtaz ^ w/ that. and its alwayz video girls too w/ rappers callin dem bitches and de half naked . i ‘m not dissin rap, i don’t like it as much as hip hop [...]

Dead Rising 2 Rap “Here they Come” by TEAMHEADKICK Click here to watch Halo: Reach Uber Rap “Its all about Reach” by TEAMHEADKICK (Music Video) Dead Rising 2 Rap “Here they Come” by TEAMHEADKICK (Music Video) TEAMHEADKICK gets to slaying Zombies, and busting out funny lyrics in this tribute rap for Dead Rising 2. Funny gameplay, Hip Hop beats, and body count galore [...]

Most Popular Eminem Songs

Eminem was rapping when he was 14, but it was not till 1999 that he was released by a big label, and released his first album that sold more than 1000 copies. The album was The Slim Shady LP and it won the best rap album of the year award at that years Grammy’s. After [...]

Ultimate Sylar Amv (Best Ever) Season’s 1-3

Best Sylar Tribute Ever You Got To See This. A Lot Of Non Stop Action Author: wesley00008Source:

Notorious BIG ( Biggie Smalls ) – Hypnotize [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO - BEST QUALITY ON YT]

Notorious BIG – Hypnotize, best quality on you tube as i know so enjoy it Author: IKadaiISource:


Author: MrBosha2009Source:

Promo Pimp

This one goes out to all you WP’s in Promoland! Written, recorded & performed by Daniel Bernath, ABC Directed by Rob Hampton & Daniel Bernath Edited by Rob Hampton, Splat Pictures Graphics by John Hudson, Royal Pictures Author: splatcoSource:

Why Rock music Videos are worst than RAP Music Videos ?

ive noticed that even tho rock videos are ok when they get released .. if you look back at them after some years ..they will be so lame and random…BUT WITH RAP VIDEOS.. they stay fresh namean? i was just watching ”2pac-when my homies call” 1993 and that video could be realesed after 3 more [...]


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